Village Mapping, a key initiative of GroupMappers

GroupMappers’ key project, called “Village Mapping,” aims to map Bangladesh’s remote villages in a cost-effective and precise manner. The purpose of this initiative is to identify under-served communities and work toward improving healthcare and other basic needs delivered to those areas. High-quality, in-depth maps of rural areas are created by using satellite imagery annotated by GroupMappers volunteers.


(2018-2019) MORU/Wellcome Trust. Public Engagement Bursary.GroupMappers
-Identified and mapped settlements in Lama, Bandarban.
-Identified settlement in CHT and Cox’s Bazar


(2021-2022) MORU/Wellcome Trust. iTPA Innovations Award. Introducing Malaria API Tracker and an interactive platform for visualizing and updating village maps.
-Developed a geospatial dashboard to track existing malaria data.


(2022-2023) APMEN, Implementing village-level data collection and surveillance towards elimination

-Utilized Lama village data to train health workers with funding from APMEN.