Crisis Ready Project (CRP)

Mobility data has become crucial for tracking disease transmission in today’s fast-moving world. The aim of the Crisis Ready Project (CRP) was to assess the use of mobility data in disaster response in 6 countries in Southeast Asia. The project utilized three types of mobility datasets – Apple Mobility Trends, Google Community Mobility Reports, and Facebook Data for Good – and had several objectives, including comparing available datasets, determining coverage and representative levels, developing methods for low-coverage areas, and itemizing datasets for communication with governments.

The analysis of the mobility datasets revealed that population mobility data can provide valuable insights for decision-making in various fields, including public health, urban planning, transportation, and disaster response.

A workshop titled “Use of Mobility Data for Guiding Public Health Responses” was conducted in Thailand in February 2023 to guide public health responses using mobility data.

Overall, the Crisis Ready Project demonstrated the potential for mobility data to enhance disaster response efforts and inform policy decisions in Southeast Asia