G6PD Testing for Malaria Treatment

Diagnostic Network Optimization Analysis: A project in collaboration with ICCDR,B to analyze diagnostic network for G6PD testing for malaria treatment in Southeastern part of Bangladesh.

FIND, ICDDR,B, and our team collaborated on an initiative to evaluate the G6PD testing network for malaria treatment in the southeastern region of Bangladesh using accessmod.

Our aim was to develop a plan to introduce G6PD testing, increasing access for patients with P. vivax malaria while making efficient use of available resources.

Two types of data were used for the project-geospatial and tabular. In geospatial data the coordinate of labs and source sites are needed. Then the test demands source wise and a HF master list with details is prepared in an excel template provided by OptiDx.

Through simulations, we determined the optimal strategy for extensive G6PD testing. This is critical because certain antimalarial drugs can cause severe hemolysis in G6PD-deficient individuals, and P. vivax malaria is common in areas where G6PD deficiency is prevalent.

Photo taken during the workshop conducted by FIND and ICCDR, B. The World Health Organization (WHO) recommends G6PD testing as a measure to enhance the treatment of malaria