Digital map making and demarcation of union boundary for Mass Dog vaccination program – NREP, DGHS

GroupMappers have successfully completed four day-long workshop on “Digital Map Making And Demarcation Of Union For Mass Dog vaccination Program”, supported by National Rabies Elimination Program, Zoonotic Disease Control Programme (ZDCP), Communicable Disease Control (CDC), DGHS, Bangladesh. Rabies is one of the few diseases where the death rate is 99.99% and dog transmits the disease in almost 99% cases. So achieving herd immunity among the dogs through Mass Dog Vaccination (MDV) is considered the preferred method for rabies elimination worldwide. Therefore, MDV has been adopted as the most important factor for the elimination of rabies in Bangladesh by 2022.Groupmppers has been supporting this program with solutions related to Geographic Information System (GIS) for the elimination of rabies from Bangladesh.