“The impact of COVID-19 is quite evident at present – entire countries and cities are under lock-down, offices and industries shut and academia at a standstill. However, many people in Bangladesh remain unaware or indifferent to the warnings and safety protocols that ought to be followed to stop COVID-19’s spread. Since enforcing social distancing in a densely populated country like Bangladesh is very challenging, making people aware and maintenance of hygiene are the main means to stop the spread of COVID-19.

To assist these necessary public measures, GroupMappers, a volunteer group established and led by the MORU Epidemiology Department, has built a dashboard on the COVID-19 outbreak for Bangladesh. The dashboard is available to anyone with internet access and portrays the up-to-date situation of COVID-19 in Bangladesh with daily updates and new analyses added in real-time. It uses data from press releases of the Integrated Control Room, DGHS, Mohakhali, Dhaka; HEOC; and IECDR. Features include graphs of confirmed cases, deaths, recovered, tested, quarantine, isolation history, age and gender; and maps showing numbers of confirmed and quarantines cases, the location of the nearest hospital for testing; current lockdowns in Bangladesh; and educational videos from the WHO.”

Check our dashboard to keep track of Covid-19 situation in Bangladesh:

Desktop Version

Click here to see the fullscreen version: http://groupmappers.com/covid19-desktop/

Mobile Version

Click here to see the fullscreen version: http://groupmappers.com/covid19-mobile/