Who We Are

We are the group of mappers based in Bangladesh

We voluntarily contribute to collecting and integrating geospatial data for disease surveillance systems in Bangladesh.

Twenty GroupMappers volunteer members from different organizations, universities and colleges in Bangladesh form the core expert group. GroupMappers is organised by Mahidol-Oxford Tropical Medicine Research Unit (MORU) Epidemiology Department and funded by a Public Engagement Bursary from the Wellcome Trust.

Frequently Asked Questions
We are the volunteer group based in Bangladesh, working for disease surveillance system of Communicable Disease Control (CDC), Directorate General of Health Service (DGHS), Ministry of Health (MOH) in Bangladesh.
We usually support different disease control in geo enable data collection, management and GIS Mapping.
We work collectively to annotate communities as polygon and point features from Google Earth. Volunteers choose their grid from the grids uploaded in google my maps online platform by following some steps. Volunteers then extract features from their selected grid and send the KML file to the validation team as soon as finish the grid. An assigned member of validation team then approve or reject the grid based on some specific criteria and finally the rejected grid then follow the same cycle of annotating features until approve it.
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