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Individual Contents

Accessibility and Population Movement Analysis

GroupMappers, a group of volunteers, is a Bangladesh-based crowdsourcing initiative consisting of citizen scientists actively collaborating to develop nascent methodologies to assist our goal of eliminating diseases, thereby serving the needs of our remote communities, organized by the Epidemiology Department of Mahidol-Oxford Tropical Medicine Research Unit (MORU), Thailand. GroupMappers has been in operation since 2017 […]

Location Intelligence as a Diagnostic Tool

Location intelligence refers to the information that one can gather from the “position” of an object. In healthcare, it underpins the idea that if a disease occurs somewhere, the ‘where’ has either played a part in its genesis, has had significant impacts on its characteristics and/or will significantly impact its future diffusion through space and […]

Communicable Diseases in the context of Covid-19

Communicable diseases are caused by the pathogens which can be transmitted to other people from an infected person, animal or a source in the environment. Some of the common communicable diseases prevailing in Bangladesh are Dengue, Malaria, Influenza, Tuberculosis and Rabies. But, due to the emergence of the pandemic in March, COVID-19 has become the […]

At the Crossroad of Flood and COVID -19

    Bangladesh is a riverine country. Like veins that pump blood throughout the human body, rivers have been the source of sustenance for the people on this land. These rivers, through the ages, have played integral roles in shaping the lives and livelihoods of our people.  Unfortunately, where there is light, there is shadow. Because of Bangladesh’s climate, […]

Some words from our core expert members

On 15th October, 2020, GroupMappers celebrated its 3rd Founding Anniversary. Some of our core expert members shared some words about their experiences or their stories with GroupMappers on this joyous occasion. Core members are the experts, who aided us during the first stage of our foundation, without whom our journey would not reach to this […]