“The impact of COVID-19 is quite evident at present – entire countries and cities are under lock-down, offices and industries shut and academia at a standstill. However, many people in Bangladesh remain unaware or indifferent to the warnings and safety protocols that ought to be followed to stop COVID-19’s spread. Since enforcing social distancing in a densely populated country like Bangladesh is very challenging, making people aware and maintenance of hygiene are the main means to stop the spread of COVID-19.

To assist these necessary public measures, GroupMappers, a volunteer group established and led by the MORU Epidemiology Department, has built a dashboard on the COVID-19 outbreak for Bangladesh. The dashboard is available to anyone with internet access and portrays the up-to-date situation of COVID-19 in Bangladesh with daily updates and new analyses added in real-time. It uses data from press releases of the Integrated Control Room, DGHS, Mohakhali, Dhaka; HEOC; and IECDR. Features include graphs of confirmed cases, deaths, recovered, tested, quarantine, isolation history, age and gender; and maps showing numbers of confirmed and quarantines cases, the location of the nearest hospital for testing; current lockdowns in Bangladesh; and educational videos from the WHO.”

Check our dashboard to keep track of Covid-19 situation in Bangladesh:

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“Timelines for COVID-19 cases in Bangladesh”

A ray of light amidst the darkness: The daily updates of the newly confirmed Covid-19 cases portray a very generalized image which, at a glance, depicts a worsening situation in every districts of Bangladesh. However, if considered on a smaller scale of district level, it can be seen that the numbers of confirmed Covid-19 cases in several districts have already reached a peak and have started to decline.

The heatmap shows district-wise trajectories of confirmed COVID-19 cases from March 8 to May 6 in Bangladesh, inspired by similar plots for English Local Authorities from @VictimOfMaths. The heatmap represents the 5-day rolling average of the number of new confirmed cases, normalized to the maximum value within the districts. The districts are ordered by the date on which they reached their peak number of new cases. Here 0 represents the minimum and 1 represents the highest cases of Covid-19 confirmed in a particular district.

It can be predicted that the districts at the bottom of the heatmap, such as Gazipur, Lasmipur, Kishoreganj and Narsingdi, have already seen the worse of the disease and it’ll be only a matter of time until the number declines steadily.

Check our heatmap to keep track of Covid-19 situation in Bangladesh.

Line Heatmap 1

 First 32 districts are visualized below:

Line Heatmap 2

Last 32 districts are visualized below: