Some words from our core expert members

On 15th October, 2020, GroupMappers celebrated its 3rd Founding Anniversary. Some of our core expert members shared some words about their experiences or their stories with GroupMappers on this joyous occasion. Core members are the experts, who aided us during the first stage of our foundation, without whom our journey would not reach to this day.

“GroupMappers has added a new dimension to the disease surveillance of many vector-borne disease control programs of CDC, DGHS. Thanks to the voluntary services of GroupMappers, many national programs have started to collect geospatial data in their respective disease surveillance. That information helped national programs enormously in making different strategic decisions for program implementation.”

Anjan kumar Saha

“The journey started with the initial training program and inauguration of GroupMappers by Mahidol-Oxford Tropical Medicine Research Unit (MORU) back in 2017. Through the journey, the organization has grown rapidly due to the nature and freedom of exploring new technologies and prospects. Sazid Ibna Zaman one of the initiators and the local contact of GroupMappers has played a vibrant role in structuring the organization through encouragement, harmonization, and giving a sense of “every opinion counts” to the members to bring the group to its present state. I personally believe that the versatility, positivity, talent, and energy of the members and associates of GroupMappers will navigate this organization to be in the lead someday considering the field of interest.”

Muhib Kabir

“When my professor informed me about the first GroupMappers workshop, I thought to myself it would be interesting to learn something new, but I never imagined that they will form a big crowdsourcing platform in Bangladesh which will use spatial intelligence technology for research. In the last 3 years, GroupMappers introduced new GIS-based IT-tools for the health sector of Bangladesh which improves their data collection procedure, data quality, and management systems. I believe that GroupMappers will make   the best organization for the volunteer to start with practical knowledge.”

Abdul Majed Sajib

“I’ve been working with GroupMappers since the beginning of its days, and one thing that amazes me, is that this group of people truly gives a meaning to the term ‘team work’.  Each person holds very unique ideas and skillsets, and combining everyone’s perspective into any project produces a very strong and unique result. In the last 3 years we have achieved a lot, which proves that we share the same proper energy mind-set and dedication towards our work. I feel strongly that GroupMappers will prosper further and be in the lead someday because of  the strong integrity and versatility.”

Humaira Akter Himu

“My journey with GroupMappers began in 2017 through the training and inauguration program. One of the aspects of GroupMappers that inspired me was the scalability of the organization’s ideas. The thought of how large scaled projects can be carried out made me believe in the newly formed team. I’m confident that we have overcome the toughest part of any startup, and in the future, I  expect  to see GroupMappers as a leading youth organization participating in data driven decision making in public health sectors of the nation.”

Md Nurullah
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